Craps Playing: 4 Things Most Craps Players Don’t Consider

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Even though I don’t like talking to a lot of people, I admit it’s fun to join a busy craps table every now and then. It’s hard to explain exactly, but when everyone at the craps table is having a good time, there’s a special energy in the room.

But when you’re playing craps, it’s not a good idea to get too caught up in all the noise. This can cause you to forget or not think about some important things when you are playing craps.

This article will teach you six important things about craps that most players don’t think about.


1. Playing Odds

People who know the basics of craps betting usually make an odds bet after each roll. But many craps players do not know about the odds bet or they do not realize that it is the best option.

If you play craps, you should always bet when you can. The easiest way to compare craps bets is to look at how much each bet pays out as a percentage of how much was wagered on the total bet.

Odds bets return all money placed on them. This is, of course, a mean. So, anything can happen in a short time. But the most important thing to know is that every penny you bet on the odds will come back to you over the course of your craps career.

You may not think this is a good deal because you want to get more for your risk. But you can’t do this with craps or any other casino game. In fact, odds are the only craps table bet and the only casino bet that pays this much.

2. Don’t Pass Is Really a Better Bet

Go to any crowded craps table in the world and wait for the “come-out” roll. See where most people place their “come out roll” bets when they play craps. Most, if not all, are likely to bet on the pass line.

People can make other bets at the same time, but the pass line is the most common bet on the first roll. Although the pass line bet is the third best bet at the craps table in terms of return percentage, there are slightly better bets.

In general, the return rate for the “don’t pass” line is somewhat higher than the “Pass” line. But many craps players think that betting “don’t pass” is bad luck or betting against everyone at the table.


If you look at a list of return percentages for each craps bet, you will immediately see that every bet except the odds and the two out bets has a lower return. This means that these are the only three bets you should make if you want to have the best chance of winning and play with the best odds.

And don’t pass and the odds are the best two of them.

3. Blackjack Offers Better Term Returns

Craps players can win over 98.5% of the time. You can only make three bets in the last section to do this. This return percentage is higher than most casino games, but there are some games with a better return percentage. In this and the next section, I will talk about the two best options.

Craps tables often have lower long-term profits than blackjack games. Blackjack games that pay 3:2 for a blackjack usually have at least a 99% return. Some of these games have at least a 99.5% return.

Playing blackjack games the right way to get these returns isn’t as easy as playing craps, but it’s not so hard that you can’t do it.

To get these returns, you need to have a good strategy, which is easy to do with a strategy chart. You should also make sure that the rules of blackjack where you are playing are good. Almost every casino has at least one blackjack table that pays more money on average than the craps table.

4. Video Poker Machines return more money than other games.

Video poker is another game offered by some casinos that has a better return rate than craps. Video poker is tricky, however, because not all machines pay more than three basic bets in craps.

You can get a return of 99.5% or more if you use the right strategies on some video poker machines with some pay tables. It’s better than playing craps. But if you play the wrong games or on the wrong machines, your return will be worse than if you played craps.


Craps is easier to play than video poker if you want to win more money. If you want to make more money playing video poker, you need to learn which machines and pay tables provide the best returns.

You should also learn the best way to play each video poker machine you want to use. If you don’t study and use the best strategies, you should just play craps. But if you’re willing to learn, playing video poker can give you a higher return rate in the long run.

In Summary

When played a certain way, craps is one of the best casino games you can play. The problem is that most craps players can’t stick to the correct bet, so they give the casino a bigger advantage than they need.

Almost every casino with a craps table also has at least one or two other games that pay more than craps. Craps is fun because you get to roll dice and cheer for each other, but it can also be fun to win more or lose less.

You have to be careful if you want to play craps online. Online craps moves fast, which can make you lose more.



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