Dice Control: Can You Control and Dice to Win at Craps?

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**Craps seems like a game without rules. After all, you just try to throw the dice against a wall with diamond shapes.**

**And you don’t have to hit the wall every time. But casinos want you to try to ensure the game is fair.**

**The effects of these things seem out of control. But a small part of the craps community thinks you can change your results by using a certain method.**

**”Dice control” is the name for this method (a.k.a. controlled shooting). It is the practice of knowing how to throw the dice so you can control the numbers that come up when you play craps for real money.**

**The idea of “dice control” sounds appealing, but it’s a scam. I’ll tell you more about this method and why it doesn’t work.**

**Basics of Dice Control**

The name “dice control” almost says it all. You are in charge of how you throw the dice. But how do you do it?

It all starts with how you “set” the dice. Setting means holding the cubes in a certain way, with some numbers hidden and others showing.

One of the most classic sets is the V-shape. To do this, you need to hold the dice so that the threes form a V. This is supposed to make it more likely for you to roll a 7.

The next step is to throw the dice the same way every time. You want to avoid hitting the back wall and making things more random.

If you look at the diamond-shaped wall, this isn’t an easy task. But on the other hand, you don’t always have to control the outcome to gain an edge.

If you can slightly reduce your “sevens rolls ratio” (SRR), you can change the odds in your favor. The SRR refers to the number of times a 7 comes up on a roll compared to the number of times it doesn’t.

One in six times, or 16.67% of the time, you will roll a 7. This is called an SRR of 6:1. But if you can improve to 6.5:1, you will always profit as a “right” bettor over time (e.g., pass line). If you can do even better than this, you’ll be rolling in money.

You can’t expect to lower your SRR with just a good set.

Instead, you must practice your throws to get better at it.

For practice, experts say you should buy a real craps table or set up your own. Buying a real table is more expensive and takes up more space than the second option.

These experts also say it takes several months of practice to get a good throw. When you think about how hard it is to really control your throws, this makes sense.

They say you should use this method like a pro athlete practices their craft. Professional basketball players don’t start making 80% of their free throws right away. They have to develop these skills instead.

People say the same thing about how to control the dice, where practice makes perfect. They say the best craps players spend hours a day throwing dice outside of the casino.

**What is the Promise of Dice Control?**

Dominic LoRiggio, Chris Pawlicki, and Frank Scoblete are three of the most vocal people in favor of controlled shooting.

These gambling writers say that craps is a game that can be beaten. They also say that when you put in the effort, you can get rich over time.



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