What exactly is a “Don’t Pass Bet” in Craps?

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**Another popular bet in the game of craps is the “Don’t Pass” bet. An interesting fact is that people who like to use the “Don’t Pass” bet are usually called “Wrong” players because it looks like they are betting against the “Right” shooter.**

**This is exactly why players who like to bet on “Don’t Pass” are advised to stay out of sight. After all, they are the only ones who win when everyone else loses, and they are the only ones who lose when others win.**

**In fact, the Don’t Pass bet is almost the exact opposite of the Pass Line bet. It is a self-service bet, like the Pass Line bet. This means that players do not need the dealer’s help to place their chips on the special “Don’t Pass” area.**

**When a player bets on Don’t Pass, they are hoping that the dice will land on 2, 3, or 12 after the shooter rolls them. These three numbers are called “the craps numbers,” as we mentioned earlier. In this case, you win when the dice land on any of these.**

**The Don’t Pass bet is the opposite of the Pass bet. If the numbers 7 or 11 come up when the dice are rolled, the player loses.**

**Once the shooter establishes a point, players can either keep their Don’t Pass bets on the table or reduce them. If the shooter makes their point, these bets lose, but they win even money if the shooter rolls a “Seven-out.”**

**The odds on the Don’t Pass bets are 1 to 1, so they are quite fair. The actual probability of winning such a bet is 976:946, which is very close to the even-money payout. Also, from a mathematical point of view, this is the best bet a player can make, even without the additional “don’t pass odds” bet, which reduces the house edge to almost nothing.**

**When a player bets on “don’t pass,” they can also bet on “don’t pass free odds” in addition to their original bet. The odds bet has no house edge, which is a good thing from a mathematical perspective. However, players should know that this bet is not shown anywhere on the craps table. This is why the “don’t pass free odds” bet is sometimes called the “secret bet.”**

**As we mentioned, the house edge for the don’t pass bet is quite small, making it one of the best bets for players. The house has an edge of 1.36 percent on each Don’t Pass bet. The casino has an edge of 1.40 percent for each paid bet, but it is only 0.40 percent per roll.**

**Possible Outcomes of the Don’t Pass Bet**

**When a player makes a “don’t pass” bet, there are several possible outcomes.**

**Since this bet is almost the exact opposite of the Pass Line bet, the player who chooses to bet on the don’t pass line will win when others lose. And when others win at the craps table, the player who bet “don’t pass” will lose.**

**When a player bets on “don’t pass,” they are essentially betting against the “natural” numbers 7 and 11. This means the player loses whenever 7 and 11 come up.**

**On the other hand, the Don’t Pass bet wins if the shooter rolls 2, 3, or 12.**

**If a player chooses the “don’t pass” bet, they should also know that some casinos will not let them win if a “12” comes up. For these casinos to give the house a certain percentage on Don’t Pass Bets, they need to make an exception.**

**In fact, this type of bet neither wins nor loses. Instead, if a 12 is rolled, the casino considers the bet a “push,” or a tie, and returns the money. If there is an exception like this, it will be written on the craps table layout as “Bar 12,” where “bar” means “except” in this case.**



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